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    [Download - Aion]Rev.2128 Aion Unique


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    [Download - Aion]Rev.2128 Aion Unique

    Mesaj Scris de CYobY la data de Mier Iun 16, 2010 6:43 pm

    LoginServer & GameServer Rev.2128 Aion Unique
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    [2106] Retail NpcSkills. Help skills collection. Application to the board.
    [2107] added chatservice to handle registering player with chat server on entering w...
    [2108] - fix for not deleting broker items
    [2109] - my bad
    [2110] - new item mask system for broker, nearly all masks are working - another fix...
    [2111] Fix On Npc State/H in Sanctum, Added missing one
    [2112] added custom config to disable chat server connection (by default)
    [2113] Npc skills.
    [2114] Flying Reconnaissance Quest.
    [2115] when npc died from trap - drop will be available to player
    [2116] worldmap xml update with type, thx wylovech
    [2117] cross-faction binding patch, thx Blackhive
    [2118] fall damage + no ap from killing yourself patch, thx Jego
    [2119] Corrected spawn of altgard according to spawn from client. Corrected a few mo...
    [2120] new sanctum and pandaemonium quests, thx Rhys2002
    [2121] 3 new quests in ishalgen and eltnen by Rhys2002
    [2122] Rhys2002 2 quest fixed and 1 changed npc ID to fit the spawned npc in npc spa...
    [2123] Reverted the Thawing Kurnag and changed NPC id in spawns
    [2124] added iron axe for quests thx Finn
    [2125] fix
    [2126] better AP distribution in PVP/PVE/group thx Sarynth and all who contributed t...
    [2127] Source of pollution rewrited
    [2128] new reshanta group quests
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